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Students are expected to learn many sight words this year. Sight words are words that we see often, that we can read without having to sound out. These words will be used in spelling and writing daily and will be on our classroom wordwalls.

Here is one set of words that first graders will learn. This list is from the Sitton Spelling program, which is used by our second grade teachers.

the of an a to
in is you that it
he for was on are
as with his they at
be this from have
or by one had not
but what all were when


First grade is when students learn a lot of basic reading skills. We will spend a lot of time in small groups working with the teacher but students will also get to practice reading alone and with a partner.  Centers are used to reinforce skills. Reading at home is a great way to motivate and encourage your child's confidence and love for reading.


In first grade we will learn the basic addition and subtraction facts. We will practice these a lot to help students know them, without having to count on their fingers or use a number line. We will also learn about measuring objects, patterns and shapes, solving problems, counting money, and telling time.


This year's Science units include:

Matter and Forces of Motion-solids and liquids, observing and measuring objects, and location/motion of objects

Living Systems and Heredity-plants and animals, basic needs of living things, and how living things change and grow

Earth and Space Science-Earth's materials and resources and objects that move in the sky


Be on the look-out for Scholastic book order forms to come home! This a GREAT way to build your child's home library and foster a love of reading. If you'd like to order anything simpy fill out the form on the back of the order(s). You can send one payment for all book order forms.  I submit these orders online so checks can be written out to Lisa Olsen.  I will take care of entering the payment online. You may also order online yourself using Scholastic's parent ordering option. You will need a code to enter online orders, please check the order forms for that code. 

Please check out the Scholastic website for more information on book clubs and fun activities you can do with your child!!