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Welcome to my Web Page.  Have a look around, and enjoy your stay!


Please feel free to contact me at:  ellen.belt@ops.org

First Grade is Fun!

This year in First grade we will be learning many new and exciting things.  During our Literacy block, we will be working on long vowel and short vowel words, building words with our new sounds, writing for various purposes, punctutation and learning the basics of reading to create life long readers.   Also, in our small groups, we will be reading stories that will support our reading endeavors!  In our Math class, we will begin the year with number sense and learning the many different strategies for addition, subtraction, time and money.  In our Math groups, we will be working together to learn number sense, basic addition, and two to three digit addition and subtraction.  Our small Math groups provide more time in a smaller, individualized learning environment.  In our Science class, we will study plants and animals, properties of matter, and Earth Science.  We will be doing many exciting experiments that will bring the Science to life for the students.  Finally, in Social Studies, we will be learning about our families, neighborhoods, and celebrate the various holidays throughout the year.  

Always remember that I am here for your child and if you have any needs, comments or concerns, don't hesitate to call or email me at school.  

Your partner in education,

Ellen Belt